Our vision…

We want to make the world happier by encouraging people like you to use your consumer power to improve the happiness and sustainability of our world.

We do this by connecting you to stunning products of outstanding quality that have been lovingly created using sustainable techniques*.

By ‘sustainable’ we mean made using materials and processes that maximise positive outcomes for communities and the environment, while minimising the negatives.

No-harm philosophy

Good Creations’ suppliers must demonstrate that their products, ingredients and production methods meet our no-harm criteria before we present them to you.

Our NO-Harm criteria:

Must NOT contain

Must NOT contain

  1. Materials sourced from suppliers known to harm workers and/or their environment
  2. Chemicals/ingredients known to damage health or environment
  3. Production methods that create hazardous materials, excess pollution and waste.
We actively seek

We actively seek and promote creations that demonstrate:

  1. Positive innovation
  2. Fair conditions for workers
  3. Spray-free or organic ingredients wherever possible
  4. Minimal waste including excess packaging.
Did we miss something?

If you find a product on Good Creations that you believe does not meet the non-harm criteria, please tell us and we’ll investigate straight away.

About our creator

Hi!  I’m Sarah – green-fingered yoga teacher, seeker of happiness and believer that we can make our world more awesome through simple changes. If you’re still reading, you likely share my view that we’ve pushed our world hard and in doing so, have created some challenges that it’s now time we solve.

I hope also like me, you believe in our world’s amazing resilience and in our ability to find solutions by doing things a little differently than before.

And this doesn’t have to mean radically changing our lifestyles. For example, changing the time of day we use power can reduce the need for a new power station, as much as the volume we actually consume can. As too can choosing products and services produced sustainably over those that are not.

This is where Good Creations hopes to help.  We seek out products that meet our no-harm criteria so you can find them easily.  

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